What a beautiful morning!

Friday, June 28, 2013


Last April, I had the opportunity to spend a week in Stamford, U.K. for work.
(That's United Kingdom, by the way....)
Stamford made me feel like I was back in Jane Austen's time.
Walking down the cobbled streets going to the town center.
Browsing little curious shops and tea rooms.

Not only was imagination was satisfied.
My tummy was also very happy with Stamford.
Below are just some of the excellent meals that I ate while I was there.

French Pressed Coffee - EVERYDAY
I had this for breakfast everyday. Minus the fried bread. 

My First Meal in Stamford
Lunch at the Burghley House - braised pork belly!
Dinner Option #1

Dinner Option # 2
This Doner was so good, I had it 2x that week.
Lunch at a French restaurant near the office.

Cannot leave England without having a Pimm's.


KH said...

Ooooh that all looks SO GOOD. I love those little sandwiches in plastic... surprisingly good!

denofmusic (,@)====::: said...

Gin Tonic in a can?