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Friday, May 24, 2013

Sad and Maddening

As I was trying to put a little bit of order in the kid's room just now, MiL started telling me about our next door neighbor who is finally moving to a nursing home. Just a bit of background about this woman next door - she's probably in her 70s, can barely walk or see, and a widow with no children. She's been getting by with the help of my MiL and other good hearted neighbors, and her niece who lives outside LexKy. She's really coming to that stage where living alone is no longer advisable, that's why she has to leave and move to a nursing home.

From that conversation, came a question from my MiL.
She asked, "if I have to go to a nursing home, do I have to sell the house?"
MiL pointed out that she'd rather not do that and wants to leave the house to her son.
We went back and forth on the reasons why moving to a nursing home and/or selling her home is not necessary.
What made me feel sad and upset was what certain people have told her.

When she mentioned to her friends that she wants to transfer the house to Jay now, these old women's advice was a resounding "NO". Their reasoning?
Transfering the house to her son's name, means she is giving up her rights to live in the house.
Which means, her son can throw her out of her home whenever he wants to.

Hearing that, I feel sorry for those paranoid bitches (yes, I called them BITCHES!) who told my MiL that. Obviously, in their family they dont have the sense of security that someone will care and love them at their advance age. It's so sad that they know that their own family will discard them like dirty old rags, therefore they would rather sell their properties, move to a nursing home, and just be done with their so-called-family.

I do understand that caring for the elderly or the sick (or both) is an energy and time zapper.
Yes, it is very big inconvenience to all involved, but the family that I grew up in, we just try to do our best. Despite how frustrated you sometimes feel about that person, or how old they are, you do not turn your back to family.
You respect that elderly person.
You care for them, the way they cared for you when you were growing up.
You do not throw them out or have someone else care for them.

So screw those paranoid bitches my MiL calls her friends.
I pity their sorry state of mind, but not sorry enough to not want to reach over and slap them so hard their head will concave!

Okay, rant over.

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