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Monday, April 01, 2013

The Kids Are Alright...sometimes

A couple of days ago, I tweeted about how my faith in youth was restored.
I took the kid and her friend to the park after watching a movie, and did not realize that I dropped my phone on our way back to the car.
It wasn't until we were almost at our friend's house that I realized my phone was gone.
My friend told me that she was trying to call me when a boy answered my phone.
He told her that they found it in the playground.
The boy and his 2 friends waited until I was able to return to the park.

I thanked them profusely.
I told them that I would have give them cash but I only have $2 in my wallet.
The boy said cash was not necessary,
but if I can give them a ride to the store across the park.
I couldn't say NO.
On the way to the store, I found out that they were all high school students.
One goes to Tates Creek HS, the boy who found my phone is home schooled,
and his girl friend goes to Masterson Station HS.
All 3 kids were very polite.
Often answering "yes ma'm" or "no ma'm".

When they got out of the car, we thanked each other again
and wished each other a Happy Easter.

I was nervous but impressed on how polite they were.
I knew his friend tried to get him to ask for cash reward,
but he told his friend that he couldn't do that.
Which by the way, impessed me most!

Just when I feel like the youth of today is going down the toilet...
something like this happens that renews my faith.

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